* non-speculative alt currencies

Bitcoin is cool, but the future is in digital currencies that do a better job of fixing the structural problems with the money we use.

Related client: Simbi Community Development, 501(c)(3)

* intentional communities

Social networks are cool, but the future is in healing our disconnection from each other, along with all other vital aspects of life, through creating community in real life.

* democratic confederalism

First-past-the-post federal democracy is cool, but the future is in organizing democracy from the ground up, with modern voting tools.

Related client: Ranked Choice Voting Resource Center

* discsports: ultimate & disc golf

Sports are cool, but the future (mark my words) is in ultimate frisbee, given its combination of incredible athletic highlight-reel play, self-officiated structure, and mixed-gender play at the highest levels. I’ve done some guest color commentary for the semi-pro AUDL San Jose Spiders game livestreams. During the pandemic, disc golf also exploded in popularity, and I’ve gained a new-found love for it as well.

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