Hi, I’m David.

Technically, it seems that I’m a “xennial” (born between GenX and millenials, tech savvy like the kids, but with a cellphone-free childhood).

Politically, I’m a libertarian socialist (this is not a contradiction; even though they can conflict, both freedom and social responsibility are fundamental principles that are not mutually-exclusive, and I defend them each vigorously).

Disc (“ultimate frisbee” or just “ultimate”) is both my primary athletic and social outlet, and I’m a huge advocate for it. My nickname on (& off) the field is Pug, so feel free to call me that.

For work, I currently consult for non-profits, social enterprises and interesting startups. My professional background is in tech entrepreneurship, as applied to positive change, first in the blogging world, next in the crowdfunding world, and then in the realm of digital currencies.

After graduating with honors (Poli Sci+Sociology) at UCSD, instead of grad school I decided to stumble headlong into social entrepreneurship. I started & sold, re-acquired, and re-sold the GreenOptions.com online sustainability resource brand (2006-2009), am an alumnus of the Virgance social enterprise tech incubator (2009), and did early operations at solar lead generator One Block Off The Grid (2010). I started & sold sustainability blog network Important Media (2010-2012). In 2012, I did a Kickstarter for a short, interview-based documentary about the hot springs my family has tried to protect (although we lost the hot springs). Next, I helped make multiple prototypes for a crowdfunding platform focused on socially-valuable, long-term projects, called openfire, with its first successful public test run at SXSW 2013. I had to let that startup go, but ended up consulting in the crowdfunding world (e.g.) before exploring a new startup in the digital currency space, which I called Trust Labs. In 2014, we ran an experiment with timebanking in downtown Las Vegas with a small grant from VegasTechFund‘s The Mill, but decided not to pursue it as a startup, at least for now, in that exact form. Instead, I signed on to help when my dad was asked (very unexpectedly) by the Utah Dems to run for his local State House seat, which includes my childhood stomping grounds of beautiful Zion National Park.

In 2015, I moved back to the Bay Area, where I decided to take a break from leading my own projects for a few years, instead consulting in the industries I know well: web publishing, crowdfunding, digital community currency, the gig (“sharing”) economy, and especially with various nonprofits. I also spend a fair amount of time volunteering for activism projects that pique my interest. Oh, and I also do livestream color commentary for a semi-professional ultimate frisbee team, the San Jose Spiders.

Over the years, I’ve honed and honed my thesis about how best to help the world through positive, voluntary action. Wanna chat? Get in touch by email using the mail icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the page!

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