Hi, I’m David Ryal “Pug” Anderson!

I help people use technology to help other people.

I help folks with a cool social mission formulate and execute startup nonprofit/business planning, strategy, and operations. Although I’m not strictly a web developer or designer, over the years I’ve also developed a strong expertise in using the free & open source WordPress website creation ecosystem to create and host a variety of digital projects, from simple brochure sites to full-blown membership communities with thousands of individual accounts.

Besides helping small mission-focused organizations get on their feet, since around 2013 I’ve focused on the digital currency movement, especially on community-based mutual credit currencies (as opposed to speculative assets).

If you have an altruistic mission and a big vision but few resources, I can probably help you, too.

I find solutions…

I draw on experience in a wide range of disciplines to identify key issues, and make progress.

To reach your goals…

I navigate technology so that people who help the world can focus on giving their own gifts.

Without breaking the bank!

Much of my work is for non-profits at a reduced rate, or via a pay-what-you-can arrangement.

What People Say

My Values

I can argue any side of an argument, and I don’t really believe in absolutes. But I do believe:

trust > control
inspiration > calculation
cooperation > competition
benefit > profit
empathy > sympathy

Wanna Chat?

Click here to schedule a quick intro call, or if you’d rather chat by email, click the mail icon in the bottom right-hand portion of the page to send me a quick email!
Or, if social media is your thing, find me on Twitter (@davidryalpug) or on Facebook.

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