Scattered thoughts for now, which will organize themselves over time:

Q: Who’s doing public/utility-scale service at startup scale wrong?
Uber (I know, we need to first have a conversation about what makes it like a utility).

Q: Who’s doing public/utility-scale service at startup scale right?
Google Fiber (and lots of other examples, but damn, are they doing it right.)

Q: What’s the biggest issue for social enterprise to tackle?
Poverty, especially when expressed as or exacerbated by personal financial debt.

Q: Is it important to try to be positive all the time?
Not as important as it is to accept and feel the full spectrum of human emotion, and to share your authentic self with those who care enough to want to see it.

Q: What’s the biggest thing that holds back human relations?
Insecurities that express themselves in the needless judgment of others just to make ourselves feel better; anything that increases the existing separation between people.

This is all just from a few minutes of drafting this page. Have a question? Tweet me your query and I’ll post my answer, which may or may not resemble your expected response, here on this page.