About Me (long version)

Hi, I’m David.

I can be loud, but mostly I live a quietly reflective existence. I share more (resources, thoughts) than I probably should. I love digging to the heart of any issue, eschewing binary characterizations, & inserting myself into difficult situations of any kind. Ultimate frisbee is both my primary social fun & exercise. My nickname on (& off) the field is Pug, so feel free to call me that. Some more personal details are listed here.

For work, I do tech entrepreneurship, as applied to positive change, first in the blogging world, next in the crowdfunding world, and now in the realm of digital currencies (my work, in the press). I started & kinda sold, re-acquired, re-sold GreenOptions (2006-2008), am an alumnus of Virgance (all of 2009), early operations at One Block Off The Grid (2010). I started & sold Important Media (2010-2012). In 2012, I did a Kickstarter for a short, interview-based documentary about the hot springs my family has tried to protect, and shipped it. I helped make multiple prototypes for a crowdfunding platform focused on socially-valuable, long-term projects, called openfire, with its first successful public test runs at SXSW2013. I had to let that startup go, but ended up consulting in the crowdfunding world (e.g.) before exploring a new startup in the digital currency space, which I called Trust Labs. In 2014, we ran an experiment with timebanking in downtown Las Vegas with a small grant from VegasTechFund‘s The Mill, but decided not to pursue it as a startup, at least for now, in that exact form. Instead, I signed on to help when my dad was asked (very unexpectedly) by the Utah Dems to run for his local State House seat, which includes my childhood stomping grounds of beautiful Zion National Park.

In 2015, I moved back to the Bay Area, where I can’t help but consult with good folks in the industries I know well (web publishing, crowdfunding, digital currency, the sharing economy, nonprofits/activism). For everyone but funded startups, I do that on a gift model, via my consulting ‘arm’ or whatever, Ryal.io.

Over my years in social enterprise, I’ve honed and honed my thesis about how best to help the world through positive, voluntary action. I’ve been through hell and back to get to now. And holy shit, am I excited to see what the future holds.

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