Share-a-lunch, Day 1

Name: William

Served: Marines, Afghanistan & Iraq, 2005-2013

I met William panhandling in SOMA, after he’d just been released from County jail for panhandling. He told me about how the only thing that keeps the PTSD nightmares away is medicinal marijuana, how he’d moved to California from Minnesota for that reason. How he was working with social services to get his medicinal card, but in the meantime all he had in the world was a hotel room through Swords to Ploughshares, which he appreciates, but says it gets lonely there. And, how with no other assistance, he’s out on the streets every day.

He asked for a slice of pepperoni and a soda: $6.43

(Note: I don’t ask to take a picture of or with homeless folks when I’m hanging out with them. Just seems rude to put people on display like that. So, unless they ask to be accompanied by a photo, don’t expect one.)

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