30dpc 8/30

phoned. in. (thanks Jean-Pierre)

…the hardest part was counting to four all those times.

(ref: lyrics | video)

Faux thugging
Killa pug loving
You with pug bitch look like Pug Bear’s cousin
Block Puggin’
Bitches liking danger
Pugger Tooth Tiger
I’m a Puggin’ Yellow Ranger
And Pugwafina just a ratchet ho
Pug kitties, topping swag guP on that FroYo
Pugz make us out (pug) space
Dollars never puggin’ face
Roll up, Pug: these chicken heads
Pugresentin’ like we own Pug’s Place.
And pugs bring that yellow. Pug: the rap game.
Pug with these little pugs, Po can’t tell Pug I’m blazed.
Shout “Pug!” to Greenpoint, Kielbasa, Pug, the Oven.
Green point, Pug. All the bitches, Pug. Like Lena Dunham, Pug?
Direct deposit that pug up in your pug-box.
9-to-5 office thighs, a pug’s on the xerox.
Pug, I got some pug for a bagel. Pug, a muffin?
Team, Pug. Forward! Damn these Pugs can’t say nothing.
Pug, I got this pug up on my pug.
Proficient in spitting, puggin’ red when I’m puggin’
Emancipating pussy like Pug was Abe Lincoln
Puggin’ out that Kool-Aid pugtil all these ratchets puglike, sinking

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