30dpc 7/30

I don’t really know what an ode is in any technical sense (except a magazine brand that I like), and I try to always see mistakes as a way to learn such that regrets are unnecessary, so this is going to be a tough one. (Update: this is an ode. I have a high bar here, folks. Here goes…)

Ode to impatience

a pulsar fills a limited awareness
gravity its only observable property
this is some fifth element shit yo
powered by some unobservable black hole probably

mysterious but … is no puzzle to solve
there’s a there there in relation, frustration
lights a subtle glow cast down the hall
brighter still now, at exasperated exasperation

a strange way to light the universe, it seems
a pulse not powered by eyes and me’s
a thing made not of bone and fat but if’s and then’s
a heavy whisp of spirit sans known dependencies

on the other hand, glowing amplitudes and frequencies
are measured in one over dog years
unreliable gravities ebb at speed and scale
bathed in but never shed as tears

i reassure me with claims i understand and know
a glowing pulsar sometimes, much the same time
a gravity’s source or mystery glow
between why and what a sky, a thin broken line


ugh, i did it, blech. this is going to be a hard month.

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