30dpc 14/30

Hmm, seems it took me most of a week to learn what iambic pentameter is and do this weird aba bcb thing with it. So f’in what.

control is not control

nature doesn’t try to control itself
yet it defies our clocks; old ways long lost
must be sought and taken down from the shelf

losing control, crazy when dogs eat dogs
we can agree for it to be illegal
to brew or smoke a plant or lick a frog

we fear loss of what’s it to be regal
no dogs will eat other dogs ’til they’re forced
we lost life to dark dollar mosquitoes

our link with ways to know; recent divorce
we deny roots; the wound is not skin deep
it must be seen, gently healed not by force

power, met with power, karma will creep
means-ends are the same so give what you hold
the world moves forward, so waken from sleep

Okay, so that only took like 20 minutes. I know it’s all high-falutin’ but I had to get something down.. I’m so far behind!

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