Me’s on the internet: more successful than average?

Lots of DavidsDog, there are a lot of David Andersons on the internet. Even a ton of David R. Andersons.

And, occasionally, I need to look up something about myself that isn’t kept on facebook, and every time, it smacks me across the face once again that all the other David Andersons out there are ridiculously awesome.

Seriously, there are a bunch of famous David Andersons on Wikipedia (see right), and current examples include an NFL player, before fanning out mostly, curiously, into the scientific world: middle initial J is a neuroscientist with a neuroscience lab at Caltech named after him & dedicated to shedding light on fear and other negative emotions. Middle initial P is a math/CS professor and scientist (Berkeley) who happens to run [email protected] And middle initial  F is also a university professor (Wisconson) who applies stochastic models to the biosciences.

I have a lot of fucking work to do, if I want to live up to such a common name, with so many verifiably-awesome forebearers. Then again, I still thank my stars every day that I never went and let myself get sucked into academia beyond UCSD. So, there’s that.

Actually, there is that. Even on the long list of famous politicians, admirals, scientists, the closest thing to a David Anderson social entrepreneur that ever seems to have existed is that — get this — wild west outlaw Buffalo Bill was apparently actually named David Anderson.

So, again, big shoes to fill, in my own way.

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