building community one mini-meal at a time

no, i’m not talking about mcdonald’s minimeals. because i know that’s what you were thinking. well, just stop it.

this weekend, i participated in the wigg party’s holiday-flavored urban eating league. what is that?

the UEL is a monthly locally-sourced progressive meal with a competitive tilt. Host sites buy and cook food (the cost is covered by the entry fee from the eaters). The teams of eaters travel around to all the different host sites. Teams are encouraged to dress up or display whatever sort of team spirit they wish! Eaters score the host sites on various categories (flavor, execution, hospitality, and creativity). The scores are tallied at the dessert potluck after-party and prizes and awards are handed out to the host sites.

yeah, pretty simple. pretty wacky. pretty amazing.

we slurped local oysters. we marveled at elaborate host themes (an elven wonderland, anyone?). we told stories around intimate dinner tables. hell, we christmas caroled. (it still counts if you change all the words of ludacris songs to a holiday theme, right?)

but mostly, we got to know the neighborhood that surrounds the wiggle. which is why seemingly random events like this are important.

i’ll go through and add links later.

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