My Christmas gift to everyone: My Life Is Your Life

I’ve always made sure to get Christmas presents for the “most important” people in my life, but I’ve also always been partial to figuring out how to pull together a replicable gift that I can give to everyone in my life; in the past this has taken the form of a super-polished Christmas-song mix CD, a copy of a super-important documentary (The Corporation), or something else that’s personalized in terms of my intention but not so much in terms of each  recipient’s uniqueness.

This year, I’m trying something different, an evolution of the direction my life has taken in 2011: I’m going to try to make as much of my life as possible into some form of gift to others. What does this mean in practical terms?

Well, first of all, all of the objects in my life that I’m not using at the moment will be up for grabs in 2012. And I have lots of stuff that I’m not using at any given moment. Some of it might even be useful to others. We shall see. At least for now, that list will show up here.

Besides physical objects, I’ve increasingly been doing what I can to help others through the knowledge I’ve built about how, as a non-technical businessperson who seeks to do good, to utilize WordPress effectively.

This is just the beginning of what looks like it might be a long, public, process. I’m sure it will at various times become annoying, inconvenient, or counterproductive. But, at least for me, these possibilities are nothing next to the beauty of the gift.


Should be interesting! Thanks for participating with me.

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